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Description of at-Work Employment Ethical Dilemma (Essay Sample)


Read the Focus on Ethics: The Ethics of the At-Will Doctrine in Chapter 7 of Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
Answer the following questions:
What are other ethical dilemmas in the at-will doctrine?
Which argument is credible: that of the doctrine’s critics or its supporters?
What limitations other than those outlined in the textbook should be imposed on the doctrine to make it more ethical and, therefore, fairer?
Evaluate the fairness of different laws for public and private sector employees (at-will employment versus just cause standards of employment).
Adhere to the following standards:
Your paper should be two to four pages in length, not including the title or reference pages.
Review the grading rubric, which can be accessed on the Materials link for each week.
Be sure to follow the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.).
Your paper should include an introduction, a body with at least two fully developed paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Support your interpretation with evidence from the book and at least two peer-reviewed journal articles from the library.


Answer the Following Questions as Per the Description of at-Work Employment Ethical Dilemma
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Answer the Following Questions as Per the Description of at-Work Employment Ethical Dilemma
Q1 What are other ethical dilemmas in the at-will doctrine?
Some of the inevitable ethical dilemmas include that at-will doctrine allows the superintended to make the "Might is right" viable for the employees working under them. The company holds an authority to be biased over the employee's race, color, age, gender or nationality (Arnow-Richman, 2016). It violates the moral right of an employee to debate over his termination from the company without specifying any reason. The employee has no right of protection and is constantly afraid of his termination which can be preceded anytime by the company as per their will. This can not only risk an employee's career but also affects the lives of his financial dependents. The employees are always under pressure to please their bosses.
Likewise, the policy reinforces that the employee has to toe the line without uttering a word. Since the employees do not feel free to share their ideas with the company that can be beneficial for the company in meeting its goal, lacks transparency (Hijal-Moghrabi et al., 2017). If an employee leaves the company without mentioning any cause can lead the company to loss. The company might need some time to replenish the vacancy but legally it cannot jeopardize the employee to work with the company
Q2 Which argument is credible: that of the doctrine’s critics or its supporters?
As at-will employment rests on the fact that both the employer and employees are free from any contractual boundary and either party can terminate the contract at any time. This doctrine of at-will employment is both criticized as well as supported by the business world (Aamodt, 2016). In support, the doctrine of at-will delivers equal rights to employees and employer. On the contrary, the critics criticize this doctrine with the fact that the performance of both the employer and the employee is stimulated by the fact that their job is insecure (Arnow-Richman, 2016). At this situation, the critic's arguments are seen to be more credible for several reasons.
At the start, the work and productivity of the company and employee are observed to be affected with job insecurity among people. Both the company and the employee are under pressure to find a better productive platform in which they encounter negligence of either performance. Similarly, terminat

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