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Ethical Dilemma in Engineering (Essay Sample)


This assignment has three parts, all three parts must be addressed in full. Work should be submitted as a word document double spaced. The file name should be your last name (surname) ethics.
The assignment will have the following form.
Ethics Assignment
Analysis of an Engineering Dilemma (substitute your own title)
Locate a situation in the media in the last 5 years or so that presents an ethical dilemma for engineers. Give the perspective from both the pro and con points of view and then state your opinion on the matter.
Personal Ethics Statement of Your Name (use your own name)
In this section you need to state an ethics viewpoint for your conduct. Having done this, you should construct an example of an ethical dilemma that demonstrates how your viewpoint is followed.
Ethics of Working on a Team
Here you need to define what is ethical and unethical behavior when working on a team. Topics that should be covered are work effort, work submittal, and personal interactions as affecting team dynamics.
One definition of ethics is morals applied to business. The purpose of this assignment is for you to come up with a set of ethics at this point in your life and to be able to apply these to future ethical dilemmas. However, another purpose of this assignment is to make you understand that ethics are subject to interpretation and are lines drawn by individual ethical positions are not shared across the population. This does not mean that others are unethical when they do not agree with the lines drawn by your ethical statement. The assignment attempts to have you take a broader view by virtue of having you consider both sides of an issue in the engineering dilemma and also contrive a situation to test your personal ethical statement.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Ethical Dilemma in Engineering
With an enhanced emphasis on moral principles and ethical practices among society, companies are significantly accentuating on a particular issue. Management highly ruminates ethical practices to sustain the growth of an organization (Kolk 24). In the case of ethical engineering, engineers are associated with moral principles that they need to implicate while performing their duties at the workplace. The primary focus is on maintaining public safety; trustworthiness and competency level in jobs by avoiding deception at work (Barry and Joseph 676). By overviewing multiple articles, it determines that engineers face critical ethical dilemmas in their jobs, which are critically discussed in the report. The paper also clarifies the personal ethical statement and team ethics to work in a sophisticated manner in an engineering firm.
Engineering Dilemma's Analysis
Engineers face serious dilemmas in making practical decisions regarding the development by not violating moral values. The following case of Apple with the FBI highlights the ethical dilemma between technology and public safety.
The Dilemma between Technology and Public Safety. In 2015, data management engineers in Apple face the moral dilemma between technology and public safety, where FBI stressed Apple to assist them in approaching terrorist who killed 14 people in San Bernardino by encrypting his iPhone data. In this case, engineers stuck in making a significant decision between national security and public data privacy. The CEO than opened the case against the FBI regarding public privacy, and would not help them to encrypt the code for managing public safety ethics (Lee and Or 2). The case is difficult to handle for engineers because they trapped in between the data privacy and the patriotism. Through technology, it is easy to access private data and can be used for any purpose, which violates the privacy concerns of the public. Therefore, I will take a similar step as Apple’s engineers took by not violating public safety and consider the universalism approach of ethics. In universalism, if the decision is morally wrong for one person than similar for another one (Shapcott 443). Consequently, I reflect universalism

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