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Comparison and Contrasting essay (Essay Sample)

Part 1-Here you will read Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have a Dream speech, which was delivered in 1963. Part 2 The next part of your assignment is a review of a speech from Animal Farm. In chapter one, Old Major spoke to the animals. Part 3 Now, create a Venn Diagram comparing/contrasting King's I Have a Dream speech and Old Major's speech. Part 4 Once you have created the Venn Diagram, you will write a rough draft of an essay comparing/contrasting the two speeches. In the next lesson, you will revise and edit the rough draft. While writing the rough draft, consider the following points on which your essay will be graded: 1. Is it 400 – 500 words? 2. Is it written point-by-point or subject-by-subject? Label which way you organized it. 3. Do your details or examples support your thesis? 4. Do your points of comparison equally cover both subjects (in this case I Have a Dream and Old Major's speech)? 5. Are your spelling, grammar, and punctuation correct? (Comma usage will be especially judged) 6. Remember, when you turn in this assignment, the rough draft and the Venn Diagram must accompany the final copy. The drafter paper needs to be uploaded on Dec 14th source..
A Venn diagram which compares and contrast Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.`s I Have a Dream speech and a speech from Animal Farm.

Similarities Differences
In both cases the audiences needed change
They were both reflective dreams
They both called for freedom

I Have a DreamAnimal Farm
Addressed to the American people ...
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