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World Hunger and Animal Cloning (Research Paper Sample)

Please Explain how we can end world hunger through animal cloning by using the following sources: (look up animal cloning) (explain how the united nations can help) (explain how the world bank can help with funding) source..
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World Hunger and Animal Cloning
According to statistics on world hunger, the number of affected individuals is set to climax to over 1 billion, by the end of 2011. This has resulted in numerous efforts to end hunger by concerned agencies such as the United Nations and Action Aid- A solution to this menacing problem affecting the general well being of the world economy must be achieved sooner rather than later, if we are to rid the world of hunger. Despite efforts by institutions such as the World Bank, and the United Nations, that have been supporting the ongoing campaign against hunger, many have dismissed or acted against efforts to introduce cloned products such as groceries, milk and animal meat, into the market as a commercial way to ensure cheap and available food.
Most of those against such interventions by organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration have been animal activists, who support the opinion that animal cloning is a form of animal cruelty. In fact, some have termed it as ethically damning and against nature! So what exactly is animal cloning? Animal cloning can be defined as the process by which an organism in its entirety is reproduced from a singular cell obtained from the parent organism. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration, moved to let cloned animals and groceries into the market for consumers to purchase. As such, cloned food products from animals would be sold entirely without labels to identify them as otherwise. The purpose of this paper is to define the role of several institutions, in fighting world hunger through animal cloning
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
By ensuring that consumer health information is provided, and that responses to traditional myths about cloning are cleared,...
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