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Proposal Step 1: Choosing a topic .Submit 2 possible topic questions for me to consider, on 2 different issues, along with a brief summary of what you find socially relevant about each. Topics should have more than one side and lend themselves to argumentation. Summaries should be no more than a 4 to 5 sentence paragraph. Submit all topics as topic questions. (" Should addicts be eligible to receive organ transplants?" for example, or "Should a father have the right to stop a mother from aborting his child?") In addition, for each topic, find a source that discusses it and submit the following publication information: 1) title of the magazine, website, video or book. 2) the name of the article. 3) the author (director if a video). 4) date of publication (last update of website). 5) type of medium (print, web, video, etc.) 6) web address. If you are familiar with MLA documentation, that is preferable. source..

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Should aid ships be allowed to float to Gaza without Israeli intervention? Many term the happenings in the state to be similar to a humanitarian crisis. The opposition, Israel, has enforced a blockade on supplies going inside the Gaza region since 2007. This had led to a death in food, medical and construction supplies. The people of Palestine suffer from a constant shortage leading to famines and disease in the area. In recent times an aid ship known as the Freedom Flotilla was set to sail to Gaza. It was ruthlessly stopped and attacked by Israeli soldiers, leading to the death of aid workers on-board. A few months past, new aid ships plan to float to Gaza without the consent of Israel, who has warned the aid ships of dire consequence. The result is two competing sides, one asking for aid ships to float be allowed to float to Gaza as is mentioned by writer Alice Walker on why she want to visit the region (2011). The other side claims these ships to be hosting terrorists and materials that will help aid the terrorist force Hamas that functions from Gaza (Haaretz, 2011).
Is animal testing necessary for human survival? Animal testing is a topic that has been debated for over decades. The two contesting sides make ample argument which support and defend the position of using animals to carry out tests not only for medical purposes but also more rudimentary ideas like production of new cosmetics. According to an article by the Santa Clara University, this act leads to the death of numerous animals, without respecting their right to live (1988). This idea is contradicted by the BBC take on ethics which justifies this experimentation if it benefits human lives (2011).
Works Cited
Andre C and Velasquez C, Of Cures and Creatures Great and Small, Santa Clara University, Retrieved July 01 2011 from
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