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Theme Parks (Book Report Sample)

Using the following theme parks, research their web sites to answer the questions that follow - - Busch Gardens (Florida) - Six Flags - Universal Studios 1. What messages are they providing to viewers in an effort to attract them to the park? 2. What types of career opportunities do they offer? 3. What descriptions of training programs do they provide (if any) 4. What information is provided about specific events, entertainment or attractions? Summarize your report on three of the theme parks, organizing your information according to the 4 questions listed. Do not simply cut and paste information from the site. - Answers must reference concepts in the text or from the web site associated with the case. You may also use outside references (journals, web sites) as long as you include a notation in your file indicating the source and its date. - Answer each question completely. - Answers to each section should be at least a paragraph in length (4-6 sentences). source..
Theme Parks Name Course University Tutor Date Busch Gardens (Florida) Information provided to viewers The Busch Gardens is ranked as one of the largest zoos in the country. It is a place where people can see wild beasts, and other thousands of animals staying in natural setting that help portray the African theme. Most authentic is the 65 acre plain, reminiscent of the real Serengeti of Tanzania and Kenya, upon which zebras, giraffes, and other animals feed (Clavé, 2007). Career opportunities offered This park is famous for its pioneering approach to environmental plans, excellent veterinary techniques, life programs for species, and learning programs. Students also get a chance to learn subjects like biology, ecology, environmental science, geography, geology, marine studies, and science. People with special interests in animal care, conservation projects, nature study, and field research have a chance to explore them. Students wanting to work in animal-care field may choose a zoo career of focus and have a chance to explore it (Clavé, 2007). Training programs offered Young Explorers is a program offered where Young Adventure Campers discover new possibilities like animal habitats and a variety of wild animals. Animal adventure program helps campers to work with specialized zoo keepers while helping some of the world’s most foreign and rare animals. Advanced Animal Adventure is a seven day program which includes: animal care, information workshops, and a sea trip to Sea World Orlando (Clavé, 2007). Specific events, entertainment or attractions Busch gardens offer special events at different times of the year, for example the HOWL-O-SCREAM which will be held in October 2010. Children get entertained with rides such as the cheetah chase, Congo River Rapids, and Sheikra. Sheikra is a fierce, floorless, blazing fast thriller in the heart of Busch Gardens. One of the attractions at Busch garden is Jungala. Located in the green Congo region, Jungala is on a four acre land where people enjoy as they interact with animals, and live entertainment (Clavé, 2007). Six Flags Information provided to viewers Six Flags has more thrilling rides and maintains the park at the forefront of the theme park industry. These features attract many tourists to the park. It is a place where mascots of all figures and dimensions are found. The park has been famous for breaking records and offering state of the art attracti...
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