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Chronology and Reflection on Daily Activities (Essay Sample)


Student must prepare a detailed report of 3000-3500 words on what he/she has done and learned during each day of the internship. If the internship is more than one month long, only five weeks (approximately 125 working hours) need be covered in this report.
Grading Criteria
Detailed description of activities carried out during each day of internship;
Explanation of lessons learned and concepts applied during each day of internship;
Availability of factual information as an evidence of activities and real life projects;
Evidence of the critical analysis of company’s operations/activities;
Clear structure of the report, professional language, references where needed, meets length requirements.


Daily Activities
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Day one: Maintaining online store- on this particular day learning on how to maintain an online store of goods and services was done. An online store is a designed website where customers can find goods and services and pay for them in order to get them. The process of operating and maintaining an online store was made known to me. Several strategies were used in the online website in order to attract customers to buy goods and services for their use. The maintenance of online store was successful learnt on how it operates and therefore maintenance was made on behalf of Davis legend. This was done because more than half of the customers of Davis Legend are online buyers so it is necessary that the online platform is maintained every time.
Day two: Providing online support-This day the company was assisted in offering the online support to the customers and clients who needed to trade with the company. Online support is very important as it creates a good image and trust for the company from the customers. Some of the customers may not have the required skills on how some transactions are done online so necessary steps are taken to guide them on how they are made. Also the potential customers were assisted in opening the account which they needed to use while trading with Davis Legend. Online support to the customers will make the company to outperform other competitors who are not offering the same to their customers. Supporting was also done to the customers who were not having the enough knowledge regarding some services that were offered by Davis Legend especially the installation of the networks.
Day three: Advertising online-This second day was vital as it assisted advertising the goods and services of the company to the customers through the website. These involved the creation of the accounts on face book that were used in advertising the goods and services to customers or users .Advertisements aids in creating the awareness to the customers concerning the existence of a product in the market. Advertisement is also necessary as it provides information to the potential customers about the existence of Davis Legend in the market. A good familiarization about online advertisement was achieved through this activity. The social media platforms where advertisement was done includes, face book, twitter, pintest and snap chats. These are the social media that were mostly used by the customers of Davis Legend.
Day four: Product description-On this third day learning was done on how product description is done by the use of the website. Davis Legend needed to do a good description of its goods and services for the customers understanding. The product description is the explanation given on the product, for example, the quality of the product, the cost, and use of a production this day the company was assisted in doing the description of the products and services so that the customers can make the good choice of the products. This was necessary because it assists the customers to get the primary information concerning a product.
Day five: Product reviews-During this day the company was assisted in doing the product reviews from the customers. The product review will assist the potential customers to gain trust and believe on the services offered by the company to the clients. Learning was done on how to do the product review concerning the products and services of Davis Legend especially on the provision of audio visual connectivity to the customers. The customers were encouraged to leave a comment concerning a particular service and good provided by Davis Legend so as possible problems and defaults in products will be learnt and be fixed accordingly.

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