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D-W10 (Essay Sample)

1. Read Chapter 14 in Porter-O'Grady & Malloch Quantum Leadership 2. Reflect on your experience of yourself in this course. How did you grow as an individual as a result of your learning in this chapter? What, if anything, will you do differently in your personal and professional life? 3. Your response should be: 1) two substantive paragraphs in length; 2) reflective your understanding of the assigned reading; 3) formatted in APA 6th Edition style. Thanks M source..

Reflection Paper
During the course work, I was in a position to understand the aspects that are initiated with leadership, transformation, organizational learning and revolutionary and innovation aspects. Leadership is an important aspect initiating good performance in an organization. leadership being one of the managerial functions entails the procedures required to influence employees in an organization to the achievement of the goals. Leadership skills are the major fundamentals in enhancing effectiveness between the management and the employees in an organization, hence a leader is supposed to initiate effective skills in leadership to ensure that there is accountability between the members. Transformation in an organization entails the acquisition of change by the management to the employees (Guy, 2007).
Beliefs and cultural aspects act can hinder the process that is initiated with transformation in the organization theref...
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