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A Comparison of the Venezuelan Food Regulatory Strengths, Weaknesses and Challenges against those of the United States (Essay Sample)

Write a brief essay response to the following case situation. One or two pages maximum please. Choose one Latin American country ( I chose Venezuela) and compare its food regulatory strengths and challenges of the United States (FDA). What are the major strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the food sector in both countries? [Hint: You will find information on different countries primarily in the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS-USDA) Country Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards (FAIRS) Reports and Exporter Reports. In additions y ou may want to check out the Country Certificates Reports, Biotechnology Report, and Organics Reports. See the instructions below.] http://gain(dot)fas(dot)usda(dot)gov/Lists/Advanced%20Search/AllItems.aspx Please see the attachments. I have included some links to help with this essay. Thanks Adriane Fisher source..

A Comparison of the Venezuelan Food Regulatory Strengths, Weaknesses and Challenges against those of the United States
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Food regulations is a very crucial aspect in ensuring that the foods consumed in a certain country or region are of desired quality and also meets the already predetermined requirements. This is mainly put in place to make sure that the standards of the foods are not compromised by maintaining stringent food regulatory measures (Lopez-Garcia, 2011). For instance, the United States and Venezuela are some of the countries that have been in the forefront in advocacy and adhering to strict food regulations aimed at maintaining high standards of the foods manufactured or imported into these countries for consumption. However, the food regulations in both of these countries are also characterised by various strengths and weaknesses and also faced with reasonable challenges. Hence, the comparison of these features of food regulations between United States and Venezuela is of crucial significance (Packaged Food in Venezuela, 2011).
However, the food regulatory in Venezuela has the weakness of being insufficient in comprehensively addressing the issues that are presented by the aspect of necessity to ensure the desired quality standards of the foods are maintained. In comparison, the United States has, arguably, what can be referred to as the most comprehensive system for food regulatory globally, and one which usually accomplish its mission of consumer protection in relation to food safety fully (Lopez-Garcia, 2011). In addition, the U.S. food regulatory system usually exists in a relatively stable political and legal environment at all cooperati...
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