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Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food (Essay Sample)

Arguments about fast food in general, cons and pros, you be neutral. 6 different sources from edu org and famous authors, I want one of the sources to be from the movie \\\'super size me\\\' each source must be no more than 40 words. I need 2 visuals in the essay either chart or graph or photographs, explain and discuss them in your own text + APA style/source. source..

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(19th, October, 2011)
Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food
Fast Food
The current world is vibrant and things happen very fast, this has necessitated the need to accomplish things fast to create room for other issues. This led to the invention of fast foods that would also give its contribution to the fast world. Fast food is food that is quickly prepared and usually served at the counter in a short time after the order is placed. This presents a very effective and elaborate plan to get food especially in this dynamic and fast world. Fast foods have become part of most people’s lives while most never know of the effects they have in them; they will always pop into McDonald’s Pizza Hut, or KFC to enjoy their favorite meal (Pollan, 2009). Despite, the invention of fast food it has its pros and cons that are comprehensively covered in this paper.
The pros/advantages of fast foods
Like it name, fast foods live up to it, the fast nature means that it saves time. In the world where everything is scheduled people can at times not afford to lose a single minute, on the other hand, they must eat. As a result, fast foods come in handy in view of the fact that people place orders and receive it immediately. In addition, they are packaged in small packs that are portable and thus people are able to consume despite the fact that they are travelling (Jekanowski, et al. 2001). Fast foods present the options of having a ready meal without going through the process of preparing it. To prepare a single meal one has to first go shopping to buy all the ingredients and also spend time in the preparation and reading of menus. This will take up much time which can be used on other productive ideas (Smith, 2006).
Fast foods are also relatively cheap for the consumer and also for those who prepare them. In every joint there are discounted menus that cost less and are very affordable to all people. This is not the case for typical restaurants that offer custom menus and services; they charge more and some will even overcharge for a single meal. You will also spend time to wait for the meal to be prepared as you wait, which requires time (Jekanowski, et al. 2001). Fast foods are also made from fine processed foods this makes it easy to prepare and cheap in cost; because a lot of food is produced. The figure below show how the fast foods are affected by price since it always fast food joints produce in bulk hence reduce the retail prices.

Figure 1: showing the quantity consumed as compared to retail price, (Jekanowski, et al. 2001)
Fast foods are located everywhere; this means that you are assured of getting your favorite joint at every place you go to. This creates a lot of efficiency and reliability in that you will not go hungry if one joint is closed you rush to the other joint and get immediate service with the same meal. The other advant...
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