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Fast food chains are to blame for the nation's obesity. Agree or disagree. (Essay Sample)

Instructions: 1. Write a 6-paragraph argumentative essay. 2. Do not forget the counter-argument and refute paragraph. How your Essay will be marked: Organization 30% Unsat Sat Comments - essay format - introduction captures reader¡¦s attention - thesis includes topic and controlling idea - body paragraphs stay on topic and ideas are connected with appropriate transitions - conclusion is logical and effective Development 30% - body paragraphs convince, explain and develop main points Writing Style 10% - word variety / word choice - sentence variety - idiomatic fluency Grammar and Mechanics 30% Major Errors - 2% each - verb tense - verb form - word form - sentence structure o fragment o run-on o comma splice o word order o awkward or unclear - other Minor Errors - 1 % each (to maximum 10%) - spelling / capitalization - punctuation - s/pl - article - preposition - pronoun source..
In numerous ways, humans can be described as people who do not have self-control or else maybe they are ultimately robotic beings directed like machines towards the closest fast food chain. They do this since the fast foods are tempting, inexpensive and suitable. We have been unable to control our will supremacy and put the blame on the fast food. We act as if we have been unable to have power over our measures. All what we are capable of is getting excuses which relinquish away our accountability and pass it to others. We tend to forget that eating of fast food is our fault and not that of the fast food industry but on the other hand, the only blame is that they have bigger roots in the industry making their resistance a grueling task.
The accusation of fast food industry been responsible for the increase of obesity is growing at a wind rate hence the fast food cannot be described like bear which is addictive and one may strain for long before overcoming this addiction. What we forget is that it`s due to their tasty and fast going that the blame in on this industry. Fast food restaurants are considered to be the world epidemic when it comes to obesity due to number of reasons.
One of the reasons is that most of the fast food is inexpensive and this makes eating fast food affordable even to homeless people as well to the street beggars. Due to the strictness of economy in most Countries, one may prefer dining in a fast food restaurant which seems to be far much cheaper than preparing dinner. To most, this should not be the reason to blame fast food as the cause of obesity. It`s a fact that nowadays everyone go for the affordable things and almost everyone wish that dinning places would be cheaper. To avoid the case of being tempted by the affordable fast food chins, we should try to carry less cash with us and by doing this we won`t find it often to visit the fast food restaurants.
The other thing to why the blame of obesity is put on the fast food chains is due to their taste which is nice and cheap...
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