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Anthropology Essay (Essay Sample)


What to do is clearly cut, answer the question given after readying the 4 papers, and then respond to my classmates posts. I have attached 5 documents, 4 of which need to be read and the last contains the questions and my classmates responses.


Anthropology 2
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One thing that modern doctors and traditional healers have in common is their constant thirst for knowledge. Tu Moonwalker was highly educated with more than one degree, Gregorita loved reading books and studying the human body and Jesusita gained more knowledge when she studied midwifery techniques under the tutorship of Dr. Millikan. Annie developed a passion for teaching from her parents and has seen to it that all her children have knowledge about traditional healing and modern education.
Traditional healers possessed the ability to create a medical relationship with a patient by administering healing rather than just medicines. According to Gregorita, doctors only prescribe pills but curanderas like her know how the human system works. She relates her knowledge and her healing power with her faith.
Apart from wisdom and knowledge, these healers had confidence in the efficiency of their techniques. They knew that their diagnosis was correct and went ahead to administer treatment. Instead of working in offices and hospitalised rooms, these healers valued working in the comfort of their homes. They associated this with psychic auras that they believed to improve the healing process. By building a friendly relationship with their patients, traditional healers like Moonwalker didn’t only offer physical healing but psychological healing as well. They believed that there was a connection between a calm mind and physical healing. Even if most of these healers had vast knowledge about modern techniques of medicine, they still relied on ancestral knowledge passed from generation to generation. Moonwalker, Jesusita and Gregorita relied on the belief that nature had a solution to all illnesses.
Traditional healers had developed a great connection between them and the spirit world. Moonwalker claimed that she had the power. The power, in her context meant that she had the ability to diagnose a patient even before as soon as s/he steppe d into her house. Displaying their educational accomplishments on the wal...
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