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Cyberspace (Essay Sample)

#(This is the topic that I interested in)http://www(dot)theatlantic(dot)com/past/docs/issues/2000/08/koppell.htm And here is the following information Early Stages of Essay 1 As you begin Essay 1, here are a few suggestions for developing the early stages. First, don't expect to produce a fully developed essay right away. The most important advice I can give you for writing is this: Do What You Can, When You Can Do It. If you aren't ready to choose a topic, don't; instead, do more brainstorming. If you aren't ready to develop a focus, don't; instead, write more expository paragraphs. If you aren't ready to develop a thesis, don't; instead, write more about your focus. So, here's a process for the early stages (many of these steps will be done on the Discussion Board): 1. Write expository paragraphs on a variety of issues, ideas, and texts from our reading. (You've already been doing this in the Discussion Board.) 2. Choose an issue or topic for Essay 1 based on what has interested you the most so far in the writing you did on the Discussion Board and for 1. above. 3. Develop more expository paragraphs based on the issue or topic you chose in 2. above. Don't worry about the whole essay yet, just develop body paragraphs. 4. Identify the connections between the paragraphs you've written so far on your topic. What do they share? What do they have in common? How do they connect? Those connections can be considered your Focus. 5. Begin to move from Focus to Thesis by considering these questions: What is most important about your Focus? What do you want your readers to learn? What should they get from your work? What is your opinion? # Thesis for Essay 1 The goal of expository writing is to expose your reader to an issue, its complexities, and its consequences. You are not trying to convince them of a particular solution to the issue. You want to expose them to an issue, explore it yourself, and give them something to think about. So, here's one way to approach thesis. In general, thesis is your topic plus your opinion of that topic. You could see it this way: Topic of essay + Your opinion of that topic = Thesis For an expository essay such as Essay 1, it could look this way: Issue to be Explored + Your opinion of what your reader needs to explore = Thesis So, if your topic was freedom, you might have something like this: Freedom + freedom must be exercised by individuals or it is lost = While many people think freedom is something they have, it is important for them to realize that unless they exercise their freedom, it will be lost. Once you've decided on your issue, written some expository paragraphs on it, begin to consider what you think about the issue. What do you want your reader to consider? What do you want them to think about? What must they do with the issue you are exposing? Answer those questions and you will be well on your way to a thesis for Essay 1. source..

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(15, April, 2011)
The mention of the word Cyberspace creates a mixture of suggestions for its meanings, basing on its nature, it is realistic to define it as the description for what presently exists and is acknowledged, the term "cyberspace" can be applied in the explanation of variety of the significations, with each of these specifying certain meanings, the emphasis is mainly placed on one or more of the meanings that is coined from the two words "Cyber" and "space" forming the compound word above. Some thinkers apply it as the synonym for a virtual reality, others see it as the synonym for the World-Wide Web and its hypermedia network, and the rest have developed inferences for the Internet as a whole in most cases including the communication networks. The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate development of cyber space over the years and the role which technological development has played.
It is interesting to note that, none of the uses above already seems to incorporate the most intrinsic aspect which is based on the technological view as a cybernetic aspect of the concept: under this concept Cyberspace is viewed as a shared medium through which a person can exert the control over the surrounding environment. This control can be applied on to the objects in the cyberspace, for instance, if a person alters the information contained in the database through the Web form interface, this is similar to the objects in the real world as applied in tele-presence. This is one of the best cases showing the control of the possibilities that are offered by the World-Wide Web, it is possible to steer the objects to perform a certain task. When well ventured into, it is the last dimension that can prove to be the most important one in the near future, it portrays cyberspace as cybernetic concept with super being.
Changes experienced in cyberspace over time
Cyberspace is generally a metaphor which attempts to give a description of the non-physical terrain that is create...
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