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Disability Groups And Public Health (Essay Sample)

After reading Sherri Torjman¡¯s paper on Voluntary Sector Roles in Public Health, can you think of an example in which non-profit disability groups (service providers, user-led groups, etc.) have influenced the field of public health ? Torjman, S. (2008). Voluntary Sector Roles in Public Health. Ottawa: The Caledon Institute of Social Policy. Available at: http://www(dot)caledoninst(dot)org/Publications/PDF/672ENG.pdf source..

Disability Groups And Public Health
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The non-profit disability group does not give out its funds to stakeholders but uses them to pursue its main objectives of helping people and societies in dire need. Perfect examples of Non-profit groups include charitable groups, trade unions and other governmental agencies dedicated to the cause of helping persons with disabilities. There are many examples of non profit disability groups and foundations that are dedicated to helping people with disabilities like the disability foundation of Vancouver.
The disability foundation is mainly involved in serving individuals with disabilities and ensuring that opportunity for involvement in life and living exists. The foundation gives opportunities to individuals with disability to promote their gifts and capabilities despite their respective physical challenges (Andresen 2010). The foundation has its own visions and values that they aim to pass across to the public health sector of their community. Firstly, the foundation aims at conducting statistics on the number of disabled people in the community so that they can make an informed decision of whether to build public social amenities like special referral centers for disabled people. This is achieved by bringing the community together in order to discuss emerging and current issues concerning people with disabilities (Andresen 2010).
Secondly, it has engaged the government, its citizens and other groups work together and contribute their ideas, time, energy, skills and expertise into the emerging crisis of the unattended people with disability in the community. This provides long lasting improvements to the public health of the people with disabilities. Finally, the foundation has played a vital function in sensitizing and empowering people with disability in order to maintain, improve and sustain personal and community health(Andresen 2010).
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