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My Study Room: Descriptive Analysis Of A Place Of Learning (Essay Sample)


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My study Room
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I. Introduction
Where is the best place to study, the best possible study room? Personally, there is not a simple and straightforward answer to that question. What I can say is that the best study room is the place that satisfies the underlying conditions and goes beyond this (Harwyn, 2018). What I mean by this is; if one prefers to study at home, on campus or in the library, there are a couple of criteria (or conditions) that must be fulfilled before that room is deemed an excellent study location.
II. Discussion
The best study place is where you can get the most work done efficiently (Harwyn, 2018). This for me is my study room. The reason why my study room is the most fitting location for me is that it is a place where I can concentrate and not be disturbed. This immediately excludes studying in front of a TV or a computer; it is impossible to study while casually browsing the web or watching a show. Study time is study time; I avert diverting my attention to trivial matters. Should something of more importance come up, I deal with it, then return to studying. My study room has decent indoor quality. Obviously, one cannot study in a filthy room or a room that is unfitting to be in, due to humidity differences or abnormal temperatures.
Most times, in exception of school hours, I study and prepare my lessons in my study room at home. My study room is somewhat distant from the dwelling of my family. It is positioned next to our flower garden. My study's length is fifteen feet and eleven feet broad. It is composed of mortar and brick. The roof, however, is made of straw and bamboo and a transparent iron sheet in the roof's core to allow in light. The floor is cemented using red-oxide. The walls are white-washed. There is one door and four windows decorated with wooden railings. The blanks and the

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