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Dr. T. Stockmann from A. Miller's adaptation of An Enemy of the People (Essay Sample)


Need an original character analysis for Dr. Thomas Stockmann from Arthur Miller's adaptation of An Enemy of the People. Needs to be a four page essay. Minimum 4 typed pages, with 12-point font and 1 inch margins, is the format expected.


Character Analysis for Dr. T. Stockmann from A. Miller's adaptation of An Enemy of the People
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Character Analysis for Dr. Thomas Stockmann from Arthur Miller's Adaptation of An Enemy of the People
Dr. Stockman was a husband, dad, and a doctor in a Norwegian town. He was an idealist who would speak his mind and ensure that truths and facts could were not compromised regardless of the price he would pay for it. Dr. Stockman believed in expressing oneself freely and safeguarding the freedom to speech. The doctor was consumed with giving out the truths and facts of a contaminated spring and the health risk it poses to the town people. He was motivated to bring out the rot in the spring and the health risks it poses. However, he was out of touch with the practical side of life. Lack of practicality and loss of communication with the ordinary people in the town got him labeled the ‘Enemy of the People.’
The doctor was unwilling to bend any rules to accommodate dishonesty or unethical behavior to any party involved. As soon as he learned that the water baths' sanitary conditions were pathetic, he made sure that the news is made public, and he demanded that the pipes be re-laid without delay. He was not trying to convince the public to back up his view

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