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Active Reading Guide: Anthem By Any Rand (Essay Sample)


Any Rand’s novella, Anthem is one of the best pieces of writing where the author tries to give their perspective about a collective society and an individualistic society.


Active Reading Guide
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Question 1
Anyone Lived in A Pretty How Town poem is an allegory and that makes it unique from other poems. The speaker uses the pronoun that tags along unclear antecedes to add poetic flair and mask the authentic meaning to the simple belief that is presented in the poem. The speaker alludes that the events portrayed in the poem are natural and anyone can be a victim anywhere. For instance, the use of the pronoun anyone is deliberate antecede to generalize the meaning of the poem to the society and all people present in the society. In essence, the speaker uses such ideas as social commentary.
Question 2
Equality 7-2521 feels guilty in diverse aspects of life. Ayn Rand compromisingly follows his mind rather than obeying the suppressive State law. Therefore, he is guilty of violating the state's law.
Question 3
Equality 7-2521 commits sins such as declining to forego his growing love for Liberty 5-3000, though it is unlawful for men to relate with women. He is attracted to reasons above beauty such as her fearless expression and straightness of the backbone, an outward sign of an independent spirit that is uncrushed by a society she exists in that is deemed as stifling. Additionally, he has greater independence than his sisters and brothers in the sense that he refuses to obediently follow and bow in alignment with the society set standards.
Question 4
Yes, I trust the council of scholars. The treatment of poetic language based on this poem has attained unprecedented acme, intriguing and baffling numerous scholars, readers and researchers. However, the scholar's ability to justify that the existence of this poem demonstrates the value and significance of exploration and interpretation like other literary texts validates the scholars work. The scholars can analyze the stylistic features used in the poem such as theme of love and the attempt to analyze the stylistic features of symbolic poetry demonstrates the complementation of literature and linguistics as well the interaction between aesthetics and art.
Question 5
Golden One: this is a name that Equality 7-2521 assigns his mind to Liberty 5-3000. He assigns her the name to show his love towards the lady. Through the use of Golden One, the speaker can depict the theme of love in poetry.
Council of Eugenics: symbolises the state agency that governs all procreation and sexual activity. The council members determine the mates based on the interest of the State as opposed to individuals. The use of this council in the poem is used to portray the theme of love.
Question 6
The poem depicts the government control love affairs in the state. The fact that the council of Eugenics, responsible for examining and approving mates based on State interests ignoring the individual interest is an implication that the State government is dictatorial.
Question 7
Palace of Mating was the building where regulated state breeding occurs. The State government permits sex only for procreation purposes in society. On the other hand, parenthood is influenced by Time of Mating which is deemed as the period in which the state government sends women and men above 18 and 20 years respectively to spend time in the Palace of Mating. During winter babies are born but they are raised by the state after an immediate separation from their mothers. The children never get their biological parents and also the parents never get to know their children
Question 8
Equality 7-2521 defines happiness as the ability to obey the personal will and your reason for being. Additionally, he outlines that happiness is the reason why people live. Equality 7-2...

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