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Research And Describe Migrations: A Unique Dance Performance (Essay Sample)


Every requirement is on the sources, if you got any question, just read carefully on those source pages. The video can find online and or YouTube. If you have any other question, feel free to let me know.

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Migrations: a unique dance performance
Dance is an art form that allows one to express emotion that cannot be expressed by words. For me, dance is like a language, used to tell something unspeakable through a variation of flowing and calculated movements. Recently, my passion for dance has been stimulated by a live dance performance entitled “Migrations”. On December 1, 7 pm at the Fall Faculty Dance Concert, Richard Move and his students presented a special dance routine. The dance was performed by Guanglei Hui, Richard Move, Carolyn Webb and Edisa Weeks, with the performace directed by Richard.
The show was unique and had a genuine essence to it. It had a one of a kind feel to it that nearly got the gathering of people on a stupor, concentrating on the basic yet exquisite strides of the artists'. They used distinctive gear like boxes and different props that stressed the significance of situating in the outflow of their specialty. Three of the entertainers wore coordinating light outfits that stressed the fourth one who had a dull outfit and the mix of such costumes put emphasis in the theme. The vibe of the stage was set to put the artists at the focal point of the watchers so that they can see every bit of action. The artists were extremely effective in their capacity to extend their demonstrations in reverberation to the music, which was comprised of an exceptionally straightforward cadenced example that was not very moderate and not very quick such the beat and rhythm of the performance was easy to follow, and at the same time, it magnetizes one’s attention to the moment.
The performance "Migrations" is reflected in the move normal as it sort of portrays a development of the general population, synchronized at time, and at times delineating singular acts that symbolize parts. With the information of the title, it was simpler to relate the developments to its emblematic and suggested story. The nuance of the images designed in the move movement gave a critical emphasize to the execution to such an extent that it could portray and exhibit a one of a kind pith that is resounding with the reason for the execution. The execution has influenced me to understand that little things can make an extensive contrast through its accentuation through number and situating. Motion is expressive and novel to such an extent that it gives a road to express feeling and power through physical movement.
The performance was very entertaining and educative in a way that ...
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