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Electronic Surveillance And Privacy Issues (Essay Sample)


Write a well-developed argument essay on ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE AND PRIVACY ISSUES.


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Electronic surveillance is how technological devices and computers are used for the purposes of monitoring and recording of a selected group of people for example employees or the general public. Surveillance may aim at identifying people's behaviors, personal attributes or activities at given places and at given times. Closed circuit television and open circuit television are the most used modes for the monitoring of public places.
Monitoring and surveillance may be done so as to view events like crime as they happen, prevent crime from happening and reducing people's fear of crime by allowing them to know that someone is always watching and will definitely come to their aid or call for help should the need arise. (Marc Rotenberg, Jeramie Scott, Julia Horwitz, 2015) Electronic surveillance has some advantages like reducing unwanted behaviors in public as people know that they are being observed and in a workplace setting, it may improve workers output.
There are however issues relating to privacy concerns for example, when one may use a working internet connected computer to send an emergency message but for a person and not company reason and the message is intercepted and made public, this will cause embarrassment and may expose some personal private information.
Personal private details inclusive of bank and medical details may also end up in the wrong hands, leading to disclosure to the public of one's medical conditions and exposing their bank accounts

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