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DQ10 Interpersonal Relationship Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


DQ10 The textbook describes 4 different dimensions of intimacy in interpersonal relationships. Think about your own interpersonal relationships, and choose three to describe. How does each of these relationships fall into the four different intimacy dimensions? Would you want the levels of intimacy to change in any of these relationships, and on which dimensions? Which relationships are the most satisfying and why? Discuss in as much detail as possible.275 words


Interpersonal Relationship
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Interpersonal relationship
Interpersonal relationships help a person achieve emotional and physical happiness. It gives an individual a sense of purpose in life. Usually, the closeness an individual feels around family and friends is vital for wellbeing and social support (Sclater, 2012). Thus said, Relationships are formed in the context of social, cultural, and other influences. They include friendships, love, family, professional, and platonic relationships.
Intimacy is the foundation of healthy interpersonal relationships and human growth. It helps build strong grounds for both parties to survive through the toughest times. While some relationships demonstrate the four dimensions of intimacy; emotional, intellectual, shared activities, and physical intimacy, others only show one or two (Sclater, 2012). 

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