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BUYER SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP. Business & Marketing Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Case studies must be submitted as a Word document and should range in length from 3-5 pages. For this case, there are 4 questions, please answer each one individually. Be sure to post each question before answering it. All content must be double spaced and follow proper composition, grammar, etc. Note, additional research is required in order to optimally respond to the questions in terms that are relevant today.
Due: Unit 3 Day 4
1 Characterize the different types of buyer-supplier relationship described in the case.
2 How and why do they differ from each other?
3 Which type do you think is the best approach to buyer-supplier relationships?
4.In which directions do you expect supplier-buyer relations to move in the future?


Case Study
1 Characterize the different types of buyer-supplier relationship described in the case.
Between the suppliers and the buyers there exists three types of relationships that work together to keep the relationship going. For these relationship to keep going, these two must have established a great degree of trust amongst themselves, which in turn yields ore transparency. First is the transactional or otherwise known as a distant relationship. Sometimes the company gets to form a one-time relationship that results in a single transaction before the customer goes away completely. This can be mainly attributed to the competition in the market and also the supply market rarely changes and there is no complex decision making when it comes to purchases.
The value-added relationship where the buyer’s potential is medium. In such kind of an arrangement, there is more that the customer gets than what the seller gets. In other terms, the seller strives to ensure that the buyer gets exactly what he or she wants.

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