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Poverty and Crime. Crime and poverty interrelate. Law Essay (Essay Sample)


The relationship between poverty and crime, especially more serious, violent crime, is one of the most established facts in criminal justice. Apply two different theories of crime (e.g., rational choice, social learning, strain theory, labeling theory, etc.) to explain this relationship. Make sure the two theories you chose do not belong to the same perspective (for example, you cannot use both strain theory and institutional anomie theory since they are closely related).


Crime Theories
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Crime Theories
Crime and poverty interrelate (Brady & Burton, 2016). Among the several theories of crime, there are two that perfectly explains the relationship between the two. These include social disorganization theory, and biological, genetic and evolution theories. These have various relationships with poverty, such that from any point of view, crime can lead to poverty, and poverty can as well lead to crime. 

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