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Final assignment Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Read chapter 2, BioArt, Robert Mitchell
How does BioArt, as Mitchel describes it, relate to any of the other periods or examples we have previously discussed in the course? For instance, how might an artist like Steichen or Kac be compared to a Dutch still life painter we discussed in class? Cite the Mitchell text. 200 words.


Final Assignment
Bioart is the work of art that establishes a relationship with the Problematic of biotechnology. Here, people work with live tissues, bacteria, living organisms, and life processes. It uses scientific methods of Biotechnology like genetic engineering, tissue culture, and clowning. Besides, it also uses technology to produce artwork in laboratories, galleries, and art studios.
Relationship with previous examples
To establish the relationship between the work of art and the problematic of biotechnology, two tactics are used the prophylactic tactic and the vitalist tactic. The prophylactic tactic employs art as a means for creating a protective membrane through which other elements of the biotechnological problematic can be passed.

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