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CRMN 3027 U- Delinquency, Deviance, and Youth Crime (Essay Sample)


CRMN 3027 U- Delinquency, Deviance, and Youth Crime 
Take Home Final Examination
Please answer the following question in a take home writing assignment format. You need not have a thesis or thesis statement since this is not a formal essay but rather a proposed law. 
On November 20th, 2019 you were officially sworn in as the new Junior Minster of Justice for the Government of Canada! You have been tasked with assisting the Federal Minister of Justice/Attorney General (David Lametti) with policy reform specifically related to youth justice. The Prime Minister believes that the Youth Criminal Justice Act is no longer effective (and questions whether it ever was) and needs to be replaced by a piece of legislation that is EVIDENCE BASED (based on CRIMINOLOGICAL RESEARCH). Furthermore, the Federal Minister of Public Safety (Bill Blair) believes that reforming the Youth Criminal Justice Act will help reduce GUN VIOLENCE across the country. They are aware that your undergraduate education covered the subject of Canadian youth justice policy. You have been asked to prepare a proposed new youth criminal justice framework (that will form the basis for a NEW bill (called the Youth Justice Act) that you believe will substantially reduce YOUTH CRIME (and in particular YOUTH GUN VIOLENCE) that is firmly grounded in CRIMINOLOGICAL RESEARCH EVIDENCE. Please provide an in- depth and detailed EVIDENCE BASED proposal for your new YOUTH JUSTICE ACT, and ARGUE for why you feel (based on criminological evidence) that it has the potential to be SUCCESSFUL in SUBSTANTIALLY reducing YOUTH CRIME (and in particular YOUTH GUN VIOLENCE). TOTAL MARKS: 100


Delinquency, Deviance, and Youth Crime
Delinquency, Deviance, and Youth Crime
Evidence-Based Proposal on Gun Violence: Youth Justice Act
All countries have a principle that helps them in improving the existing laws, especially when they feel it is no longer effective. It can also be because there are new ideas that need to be incorporated into the existing laws to make them more effective. The Youth Criminal Justice Act in Canada seems not to be effective anymore. Many are even wondering whether it ever was effective since its inception. The Federal Minister of Public Safety, Bill Blair, among others, feels that making reforms to the Youth Criminal Justice Act will be very instrumental in curbing gun violence among the youths. This proposal, therefore, proposes a new act called the Youth Justice Act based on criminological evidence research. I believe this will be more effective than the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

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