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The way law interacts with law enforcment (Essay Sample)

PLEASE ASSIGN an AMERICAN,and ENGLISH SPEAKING WRITER Directions: The final project is the culmination of all of the techniques and styles that you have learned in this class and elsewhere. Your paper can be about any subject as long as it is has to do with the way that law interacts with law enforcement. For example, on the popular show, Law & Order and all of its spinoff shows, the author outlines the way that attorneys and other court personnel work with law enforcement such as police officers, border patrol agents, drug enforcement agents, probation officers, forensic technicians, etc. and how they interact within the law. First of all, find research that discusses not only the different positions in the court, as well as the different positions in law enforcement, but also what happens to a perpetrator from the time he or she gets caught, and how the person makes his/her way through "the system" of law & order. In addition, the following elements must be in the Final Writing Project: - Must be 8 - 10 full pages - 6th Edition APA Style throughout including the Cover Page and Reference Page - At least (12) in-text Citations with additional information throughout - Full Reference Page with a minimum of (10) resources - Double-spaced throughout - Bold and Centered Sub-headings to separate different topics, categories, or subcategories - ARIAL 12 pt. font - Papers must be written in 3rd Person - Page minimum and Resource minimum is non-negotiable-if the project does not meet this particular criteria-the paper will not be graded -Paragraphs no more that 5 sentences long. source..
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Law enforcement agents are officers or any public sector employee whose main duty comprise of ensuring there is law and order for a peaceful correlation. These people are vested by the legislature in the legal code enhance peace in the community. Security guards may not be termed as law enforcement officers since they do not have the power accredited to them to enforce specific laws. Law enforcement officers in U.S include police officers, constables and their deputies, prison officers, probation officers, sheriffs, game wardens, forest rangers, fire marshals, federal Bureau of investigation agents, drug enforcement agents, united secret service agents, Federal air Marshals, border patrol agents, District attorney and the prosecuting Attorney investigators, U.S coast guards, among others as stipulated by the constitution.
Law enforcement agents do not make decisions for anyone`s charges. The purpose of the law enforcers is to make recommendations. The prosecutor is the only individual who makes charges against a criminal or a person suspected for breaking the law. In this essay, the legal procedures that are involved from the time of arrest to the time when a person is prosecuted will be addressed. This will entail the correct procedures that must be followed including what a person needs to do or avoid when dealing with the cops.
The cops can detain someone if they really have levelheaded notion that one committed the crime. It implies that for those who are not arrested are not allowed to leave, which is supposed to last for a very short time period. During detention the cops are not allowed to search the detainee`s pocket unless they feel any presence of a weapon. Most detentions may lead to an arrest if the cops get information that one was involved in a crime even if the crime has nothing to do with the detention. Cops may detain someone if they want to arrest him or her but lack enough information yet to do it.
Realistic doubts and plausible grounds
Realistic doubts must be founded on more than a hunch. The cops must be in a position to put their doubts into words. For instance, cops can not just stop anyone and deduce that he or she looked like he/she was up to something fishy. The doubts must be specific such as the "suspect was the only person at the scene of murder holding a blood clotted knife beside the murdered victim hence suspicion of his or her hand in the murder." The cops usually require more evidence to allege that they have realistic suspicion (Wrobleski & Hess, 2005).
The cops can arrest one if they have a possible cause that one is involved in a crime. During the arrest, the cops can search the suspect`s belongings like going through one`s car, house or residence. The law provides that the officer searching a suspect to the skin must be of the same gend...
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