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Business Law: court analysis of the Santa Fe High School case (Essay Sample)

See Attachment for Case and answer in following questions 1) Did the court analyze this case using Free Speech analysis or did the court analyze the case in light of the Establishment Clause? Why? What is the difference between the two concepts? 2) Some of the Supreme Court justices dissented (disagreed) with the majority opinion. Did you agree with the majority or dissenting opinion in this case? Please support your answer with the facts of the case and legal principles. source..
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The court analysis of the Santa Fe High School case on the student representative prayer presentation during the varsity games was based on Establishment Clause. The courts observation was that the student was in violation of the Establishment Clause. Establishment clause provides that neither federal government nor a state can set up its own church. The government cannot pass any law that can aid in the establishment of one religion or promote one religion either financially or otherwise. It continues to instigate that no one can be forced t...
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