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Policing Oraganizations (Essay Sample)

Write a comprehensive introduction and conclusion based on these general questions. Do not answer the question, instead just write an introduction and conclusion in regards to the questions. What is the civil service system? How does the civil service system fit into the overall outlook of the policing and the criminal justice system? Compare the criteria between the civil service system and police officers. What is a beat? How does a beat compare to a post? How can we improve the coverage of beats and posts within policing systems to improve communities? source..

Running Head: Policing Organizations
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In contemporary world, civil service system plays an important role in combating crime. The system comprises of individuals who are employed on professional advantage in the government institution in which the selection is based on competitive examinations. Under the civil service system, the public is encouraged to monitor the conduct of each individual in the society. Unlike the police officers, civil servants use peaceful means of combating with crime. They provide educational advice to the public on the adverse effects of the criminal malpractices. The police officers use intense force and brutality in administering justice in the society. They are cordially located in the police station and it is here where the various police officers are coordinated by there superiors (Paul, 2009). For justice to be widespread and unifor...
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