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LAW AND ORDER (Essay Sample)

PLEASE USE A WRITER THAT ENGLISH IS THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGE AND FROM USA. Had problems with writers that were not from USA and their language was NOT English. Directions: The paper can be on any subject as long as it has to do with THE WAY THAT LAW INTERACTS WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT. For example, on the popular show, Law & Order and all of its spin-off shows, the author outlines the way that attorneys and other court personnel work with the law enforcement such as police officers, border patrol agents, drug enforcement agents, probation officers, forensic technicians, ect. and HOW THEY INTERACT WITHIN THE LAW First of all, find research that discusses not only the different positions in the court, as well as the different positions in law enforcement, but also what happens to a perpetrator from the time he or she gets caught, and how the person makes his/her way through 'the system' of law & order - Must be 8-10 full pages -6th edition APA style throughout including Cover Page and Reference Page -12 in-text Citations with additional information throughout example (author,2011) -Full Reference Page with a minimum 10 resources, full website if used information from web -Cover Page -Double-spaced throughout -Bold and Centered Sub-headings to separate different topics, categories, or subcategories -Arial 12 pt. font -Papers MUST be written in 3rd Person -NO graphs, pictures ect. -Paragraphs 3- 5 sentences source..

Man is known to be the only creature with all sort of freedom but can exploit his freedom if there are no boundaries set for him and this the reason to why many countries enforce laws to be their guide in governing the country as well for the coming up with one goal of what is right to be done and what is wrong. "Law enforcement is a system governing members of a society to act in organized manner to adhere to the stipulated rules" (Mathieu, 2005).
This paper will have a look at the way the law interacts with its enforcement as well as how it interacts within the law. Critically its very important to understand that the criminal justice system, unlike many countries around the globe, the defendant are innocent until proven by the court to be guilty, the fundamental assumption is a core principle customary by the United State Constitutions. It underscores every aspect of criminal case in the court.
State law
The constitutions of the United State; is the supreme law of the land and anticipate any State or local law which can diminish the rights guaranteed by constitutions. The Uniform Laws Adopted or Proposed by States section provides information and links to sites dealing with laws that are promulgated throughout commerce, business and finance, probate law, rules of evidence for both civil and criminal courts, and family law. The states in a uniform, consistent manner and the areas these laws cover include sales and commerce, business and finance, probate law, rules of evidence for both civil and criminal courts and family law.
Duties and functions of the law enforcer
Duties and responsibilities of the law enforcer officer they vary and may differ from one political perspective to another. Typically the main duties of the law enforcer are to keep peace, law enforcement, investigations of crimes and protection of citizens and properties of the citizens. They are expected to respond to various situations which may arise while they are on duty. They are rules and guidelines which dictate on how the officer should behave and reconstruction are placed on what the uniformed officer wears and within the community. Majorly for the western countries, their legal system states the role of the police is to maintain order and surveillance of the public and apprehension of suspected violators of the law. They are also entitled to discourage crimes through high visibility policing and most of them have an investigative capability. They are also entitled to arrest which is granted by the court magistrates. They are also responsible to respond to emergency calls along side with routine community policing. The law enforcers they are also responsible for reprimanding minors` offenders by giving out citation which result in the imposition of fines, especially for violation of traffic law.
Safely interacting within the law
As the laws enforcer are engag...
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