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The American Emancipation (Essay Sample)


Comparison Essay 
Emancipation: Compare the emancipation process in the United States with that in Brazil or Cuba. Include a brief overview of their slave societies and racial, demographic, and socioeconomic profiles then and now. 
You should also include a separate Reference page at the end. Citations should be in Chicago style. 

Comparison and Contrast
Course title:
Slave trade was widespread practice a couple of years back not just in America but other parts of the world as well. However, as civilization and globalization began to set on the practice was gradually frowned at and eventually had to be abolished. Other than America, other regions that were widely known for practicing slavery included Brazil and Cuba. Each of these regions had process through which emancipation of slaves was effected. While there are some aspects of the process that is similar for the three regions, there are certain distinct aspects that characterize the emancipation of each country (Scott, 2008). The focus of the paper is a comparative analysis of the emancipation process for Cuba, America and Brazil.
The American Emancipation
The emancipation of the slaves in America happened during the leadership of Abraham Lincoln. It was during his term as American president that he abolished slave trade giving slaves a way out of their bondage. It is crucial to make a point of contract that slavery in America was mainly in the developed rural areas and would often be forced to work in plantations. This was not so in Cuba and Brazil as their slaves were mainly concentrated urban areas. As such, the nature of work for the slaves in Cuba and Brazil was different from those in America. This gave the former category of slaves some level of autonomy compared to the latter. Further, there was a spiraling increase in the number of slaves in America without additional importations. This is because the slaves in this region were well fed owing to good climatic conditions resulting to more fertile women (Rodriguez, 2015)
Brazilian Emancipation
It was the last to take place as compared to the other processes in America and Cuba. Perhaps owing to the fact that it was slow and gradual, it was not given much attention as the other two. It is also believed that the Brazilian Emancipation was heavily influenced and pressured by the other two that preceding ones, Cuban ...
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