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The Poverty History Essay Research Paper Essay Term Paper (Essay Sample)


Your final assignment will be to select one of the six themes that we do NOT cover as a class, do the readings related to that theme (yes, ALL of them), and write 3-5 pages evaluating ways that the sixth theme illuminates what you have learned about the period through the other five thematic lenses. Does it duplicate, contradict, enrich, change meanings, highlight perspectives, what? You should have an argument in this essay. This essay will be due Sat, Dec 8, by midnight, in the Essay Folder on Canvas page. The theme I chose is Poverty. The attached attachment is about the poverty, the teacher asked to read. Use poverty to connect with the five themes you've learned before. The five themes I have studied before are the modern history of the United States (1877-present) 2.gender 3.immigration 4.race 5. modern time


The theme of poverty is related to other themes that we studied in class including technology, immigration, modern time, race, and gender. The five themes relate to the modern history of the US from the year 1877 to present. Therefore, the assignment will cover how the theme of poverty relates to the five topics discussed in class.
The issue of fairness among the males and females has been of great concern in the US. Traditionally, women assumed the roles of taking care of children and conducting other domestic chores while men were considered as the bread winners. Majorly, men were the sole decision makers in the society and they participated in economic activities as well as the politics of the nation while women were not recognized in the roles. Further, the domination extended to homes where women greatly suffered in their marriages. As a result, several women activist groups emerged that aimed at fighting for the rights of women in the society. The groups enlightened the society of the sufferings that women were undergoing as a result of the being denied the opportunity to participate in economic and political activities. Moreover, the movements marked the start of the issue of gender equality which is still observed today. However, the theme is related to the issue of poverty as it is argued that one of the factors that contribute to poverty is gender inequality which has been observed in several sectors of the economy. The reason for the argument is that women who have the potential of bringing positive change in the society are not given the chance to make such transitions. Ideally, men occupy most top management positions in the nation even the top political positions including those who are less productive are given priority. Hence, the issue of gender inequality has been seen to be one of the factors that have highly contributed to the increased level of poverty in the nation as women who are more productive than men are left out in the political and economic activities as well as the decision making process.

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