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Strategies to Alleviate Poverty. Mathematics & Economics Essay (Essay Sample)


The textbook is Michael P. Todaro & Stephen C. Smith, Economic Development, 11th Edition (2012).
You'd better use information in this textbook as you can.


Strategies to Alleviate Poverty Especially Among Women, Religious and Ethnic Minorities, Children and Young People In Chittagong.
Poverty levels drag the economic development of a country and alleviating poverty levels is of paramount importance to any government. If the citizens are relatively wealthier, GDP will improve, they would be able to afford the education cost of their children and help the country become globally competitive in labor. Lower poverty levels also mean higher standards of living for low-income earners and help reduce crime. Poverty pushes some people to resort to crime and therefore fighting poverty indirectly reduces crime significantly. Lower poverty rates also guarantee the attainment of the country’s strategic goal since most of the goals such as lower infant mortality, higher numbers of medically insured people in the population, better food security, etc. are almost unattainable if poverty levels increase or persist. Thus, fighting poverty is a priority to the government, and it will go a long way into actualizing or supporting other developmental plans of the government. Since poverty tends to majorly affect the minority religious and ethnic groups because of historical and structural issues, an effective poverty-fighting program ought to consider these groups. Chittagong has also feminized poverty and women have been sidelined in development which is partly the reason economic growth has been slow because nearly half of the nation’s human capital is underutilized. Poverty alleviation program must also be accommodative of the youth as they are the future of the government and they ought to be supported to establish long-term poverty eradication measures. This article will focus primarily on the best strategies the government can adopt to alleviate poverty generally and specifically to the major interest groups; women, youth and minority religious and ethnic communities

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