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Louisiana Purchase: Real Estate Deal Of All Time (Essay Sample)


Describe the events concerning the Louisiana purchase.what was its political significance at home and what problems did Jefferson face when he approved the deal ?
Use the thematic essay style to answer the question.
Introduction(5) 2 body paragraphs (30). conclusion(5)


Louisiana Purchase
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Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana purchase is probably the greatest real estate deal of all time, and it was done by Thomas Jefferson. The deal doubled the size of United States, and it would encompass 15 states. The size of the land was 830, 000 square miles and it stretched from Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. Jefferson knew it would have a great impact on the economy of the young nation. He also wanted to avoid any potential conflict with any other nation with whom they shared a border.
Initially, Jefferson wanted to purchase New Orleans to control trade commerce. New Orleans was under French authority, and they had acquired it from a treaty with Spain. He initially sent Livingstone to negotiate the purchase of the city for 2 million dollars from the French. The French had rejected their offer. In the meantime, Napoleon needed resources to

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