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Revolution: Post The American Revolutionary War (Essay Sample)


Write a 1000 (minimum) word essay that describes to what extent the young American Republic upheld the "Revolutionary" rhetoric that was expressed during the War For Independence (1776 - 1783).


Revolution: Post The American Revolutionary War



Preparation is of great essence in any war. Development of rhetorical language is one of the most important preparations that any side can have before a war. Rhetoric helps unite the people and isolates allies from enemies. Through rhetoric, people are made to see the oppression they face and get ready to lay down their lives for the sake of liberation. It also helps come up with measures to mitigate demoralization that might come with defeat and the complacency that could arise from victories. The American Revolutionary War was no different. From the time local militia and the British troops collided in Massachusetts in April of 1775 to the attainment of independence in 1776, and to the cessation of gunfire in 1783, the entire journey and its successes owe a lot to revolutionary rhetoric.

Establishment of the Committee of Correspondence was a major tool of the revolutionary rhetoric. The committees helped create intercommunity networks through which people in different regions communicated. Press also helped spread the wave of revolution through pro-revolutionary pamphlets and newspapers. As the wave spread, rhetoric in various American communities was integrated into one. The British responded through measures such as shutting off the port of Boston, the introduction of new taxes, and using troops to restore order. This only served to strengthen the peoples

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