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Revolutions In Russia And Their Influence On Its Development (Essay Sample)


In approximately 500 words, answers each question below. Each question must be answered in approximately 500 words.
1. Justify the statement that this change came at “great cost to the Russian people.”
2. Stalin was responsible for the tremendous growth in power and influence of the USSR in the interwar period. Discuss Stalin's change from isolationist to involved in international affairs.


Revolutions in Russia and their Influence on its Development
Question 1
The Russian people played a great role in fueling the various revolutions that took place in the country. Later the revolutions brought a number of social and political changes in Russia. In the 20th century, the Russian Revolution was one of the significant events in the political history of the country. The revolution brought to an end the Romanov dynasty and the Russian Imperial rule that had existed in Russia. In the year 1917, there are two revolutions that happened in Russia. Perhaps one of the notable things that happened during the revolutions is the way in which the Russian people stood together to bring the revolutions during the entire period. When Russia became industrialized after Western Europe and the United States, there were many political and social changes that took place. The population of Russian cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow increased, causing overcrowding and poor living conditions for the Russian workers who worked in the industry. Many wars such as the Crimean War (1854-1856) and changes in climate led to food shortages. Russian workers protested against the monarchy and hundreds of protesters were killed and others seriously wounded during the Sunday Massacre of 1905.
As a result of the massacre, the Russian Revolution was born and other workers across the country joined and launched a series of strikes that crippled the government. Later Czar Nicholas II promised a series of reforms in government. During World War 1 in August 1914, Russia joined the war in support of the Serbs, French, and British. The involvement of Russia in the war would later be disastrous since Russia had the largest number of casualties and they had wasted resources in the war. Once again, there was a food shortage in the empire and there was disruption of the economy that led to inflation. Czar Nicholas would later leave to take a leadership position in the Russian Army and her wife Czar Alexandra of German ancestry took over the empire.
One of her advisors, Grigory Rasputin had gained influence from the Russian people and he was building his popularity. However, he was murdered on December 30, 1916, by the Russian nobles who wanted to end his influence. People lost trust in the leadership of Czar Nicholas due to the backwardness of the economy and high incidences of corruption. The February Revolution followed in 1918 where demonstrators took to the streets of St. Petrograd and they were joined by striking industrial workers and protesters. They clashed with the police, but they did continue with their demonstrations. On March 11, troops of Petrograd were called to stop protests that were carried out. They opened fire and killed a number of protesters, but that did not stop their efforts in fighting for social changes. Later, Czar Nicholas left the throne and centuries of Russian Romanov rule came to an end.
Leaders of provisional government, such as Alexander Kerensky, who was a Russian lawyer established liberal rights such as equality before the law, right to speech, right for unions to strike since they were opposed to violent social revolution. Lawyer Kerensky continued the war efforts of Russia, which led to unrest as peasants

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