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Branches of Government History Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Our democracy was structured in a way that no branch would become enormously more powerful than the other. The legislative branch makes the law, the executive branch enforces the law, and the judiciary interprets the law.
In your opinion, which branch is the strongest?
***Be mindful that the executive branch contains arguably the most powerful person in the world (U.S. President); the legislative branch can write new laws that we have to follow; and the judiciary contains the Supreme Court which can strike down any law with a simple majority decision.
(3) The U.S. Legislature is not subject to term or age limits. A House of Representatives or Senate member may serve as long as the people vote them in. Some people believe elections serve as term limits, meaning if citizens are dissatisfied, then they have the option of voting unpopular candidates out. We have had House and Senate members serving in their 90s! I hope I'm alive and feisty in my 90s!
In your opinion, should your legislators be subject to term or age limits?
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Branches of Government
Branches of Government
Of the three branches of government, the legislature appears to be the strongest. The legislature derives its power from the people, and, initially, from the states. Congress is responsible for making laws and other significant responsibilities, including setting taxes, the ability to declare war, raising armies, and can also impeach the executive or the judges. In contrast, the executive and judiciary do not have the power to remove a member of Congress from office. Also, even though the President has the power to enforce or veto laws, the decision can be overruled by Congress by passing legislation that blocks such a decision. Congress can also make

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