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History 145. The leopard. Pantheon. History Essay. (Essay Sample)


History 145
Short Paper #4
Winter Quarter 2020
Please respond to the following prompt in a short, argumentative paper of 500-750 words.  Your paper is due at the start of class (9:00 AM) on Tuesday, March 3.  Electronic copies will be accepted by prior arrangement only.
1.  Make an argument in favor of or opposed to the unification of Italy from the perspective of a character of your choosing in The Leopard.
You may write this paper as a standard essay, i.e., “If I were Tancredi...” in which case the ordinary rubric applies.  Alternatively, you may choose to be creative with the format and style:  write a first-person letter, a running diary, a newspaper column...whatever you like!  
In this latter case it may not be possible to have a single thesis statement, and we’ll evaluate you on the coherence of your argument as a whole, your understanding of the novel, and your understanding of the process of national unification in Italy.


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The Leopard is a perfect example of showing the art of politics in Italy. This story has demonstrated to the readers the social structure that for so many years has been followed. There is the presence of a hierarchy of social classes, a feudal system enabling the aristocrats to have control over the lands and taxes. There is a turning point seen in the story where the old, traditional aristocracy is replaced with the new system run by the normal people in society. “For things to remain the same, everything must change” was said by Tancredi because of what is already happening to the aristocracy, so in order to survive, you have to be in agreement with that new system (Lampedusa, 1958). 

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