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Literary devices Harriet Beecher Stowe used in Uncle Tom's Cabin (Essay Sample)

Discuss the literary devices Harriet Beecher Stowe used in Uncle Tom's Cabin that made the slavery issue vivid to the reader. Please use the attached document for direct quotes. Reference of attached is: Perkins, George and Perkins, Barbara. American Literature before the Civil War. Eds. George Perkins and Barbara Perkins. McGraw Hill, 2011. 379-401. Web. source..
Literary devices Harriet Beecher Stowe used in Uncle Tom`s Cabin
The novel "Uncle Tom`s Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe is actually made to provoke the American war. It widely discusses the slavery issues that the African American underwent. This is when the white people who owned plantations viewed the black people as their cattle. The slavery auctioneers separated the black people with their children, their mothers and also their fathers and therefore causing separation in many families. Harriet in his book "Uncle Tom`s Cabin" tries to show that black people were also people like their counter white people. Harriet`s argument is that the whites also suffer the same as the black and therefore it was very wrong to mistreat the Africa Americans. The author throughout the story uses his Christian stand to argue about the slavery (Perkins 458).
Uncle Tom in the novel is portrayed as being so honest to his master Mr. Shelby. He keeps large amount of money for his master and he can`t run away having this opportunity and that`s why Harriet portrays Tom similar to biblical Joseph who was enslaved in Egypt. In this novel Harriet actually uses around five characters to explain the incidences of slavery and the attitude that people had towards it. During these discussions Harriet develops a plot which is heartbreaking. Similarly Eva on the other hand develops an illness that eventually kills her (Perkins 230). This creates heartbroken status between Marie and Augustine. Immediately Augustine dies after Eva`s death. This makes Uncle Tom be in a possession of the harsh Marie St. Clare. Marie finally sells the slaves to another dealer.
Unluckily, the thing that Chloe did fear most happened: Uncle Tom was sold to Legree who was an evil man who actually had very many views on slaves even more than Mr. Shelby or even Augustine. This man Legree usually mistreated slaves till they died. Legree says that: "I don`t go for saving ni...
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