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Literary devices in Uncle Tom's Cabin (Essay Sample)

Discuss the literary devices Harriet Beecher Stowe used in Uncle Tom's Cabin that made the slavery issue vivid to the reader. Please use the attached document for direct quotes. Reference of attached is: Perkins, George and Perkins, Barbara. American Literature before the Civil War. Eds. George Perkins and Barbara Perkins. McGraw Hill, 2011. 379-401. Web. source..
Literary devices in Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Uncle Tom’s Cabin takes a critical look into the issue of slavery set in the 19th century. Uncle Tom the protagonist of the story is sold into slavery to a cruel man, after his previous owner Mr. Shelby incurs huge debts. Later on Uncle Tom goes to live with another family, but establishes a good relationship with the child of his master. With deep devotion to Christianity Uncle Tom appears passive, but in actual sense, he did not seek to create tension and conflicts in places where he lived. Even though, Uncle Tom dies without gaining freedom, the novel illustrates the author’s thoughts on the perils of slavery to the society. This essay mainly focuses on symbolism, but also points out the use of foreshadowing and metaphors in the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
Stowe uses symbolism to depict the life of slaves in 19th century America. Uncle Tom’s Cabin symbolizes the sufferings and redemption of slaves as the author mentions that Eliza looked desolate as she moved away from the cabin (Perkins & Perkins 381). Even though, this was the only pace that she could find solace in, during her stay in Kentucky life in Northern part of the country was better for blacks during this era. Furthermore, the cabin’s untidy environment is in sharp contrast to that of Master Shelby, but is the only place that slaves could live peacefully in the master’s home.
The state of Kentucky represents the divisions that were in America with regard to slavery. Kentucky is a border state between the two ideologically different regions and there were sharp divisions in the state as to whether to allow or abolish slavery in the state. Eliza runs away to the Northern part of the country in an apparent attempt to escape slavery to enjoy freedom. The North represents freedom, as opposed to the south, which depended on slavery. In essence, the ideological differences between the two regions mainly occurred because of the issue of slavery. To the South slaves were an integral part of the agricultural economy of the region...
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