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Reflection on Course Concepts (Essay Sample)


BHS220 Introduction to Health Statistics
For this discussion question, discuss 2 concepts that you learned over the last 12 weeks. What are the concepts? What was something interesting that you learned from these concepts? What is the importance of these concepts to a healthcare organizations? How will you use this new information in your current or future positions? 


Reflection on Course Concepts
David Blow
TUI University
Prof. Alla Adams, MSPH, MSHA, Ph.D.
Reflection on Course Concepts
Statistical concepts used in this course include measures of central tendency and variability, such as mean, mode, and median. Mean does the total number of subjects divide the average sum. Median is value in the middle of a set when arranging these values from the lowest to the highest. Mode on the other hand, is the most frequent variable either a brand or product.
Another concept learnt is probability, its history, the two main types of probability, and its application in the medicine sector. Probability is a measure of likelihood of an event. These are the chances of an outcome of an event in an experiment. Therefore, probability is the ratio of favorable outcomes of the total nu...
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