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Co-relational Methods (Essay Sample)

Please read the following article. Goldfield, G. S., Murray, M. A., Buchholz, A., Henderson, K., Obeid, N., Kukaswadia, A., & Flament, M. F. (2011). Family meals and body mass index among adolescents: effects of gender. Applied Physiology, Nutrition & Metabolism, 36(4), 539-546. Retrieved September 1, 2012 from EBSCO. In a 2-page paper: 1. Explain what the terms correlations AND confounding variables mean (in your own words, and cite the source). Review the links in the Background Information to learn about these terms. 2. Introduce and briefly describe the study in one paragraph. 3. Discuss the correlations and confounding variables described in the study. 4. Did the researchers try to overcome or control for the confounding variables? If so, how? source..

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Co-relational Methods
A confounding variable is an unconnected variable in a numerical model that either positively or negatively shows a relationship with both the dependent variable as well as the independent variable (Johnston, 2001). The perception of the relationship between the dependent and the independent variable has always been misapproximated as a result of failure to give an account of a confounding feature known as the spurious relationship and failure in approximation in this case is termed as omitted variable bias.
Correlation on the other hand is an evaluation of two continuous statistical variables. Correlation shows direction and strengths of the relation. Any wide class of numerical relationships that involve dependence is correlation.
The study was triggered by a prevalence of increasing number of overweight teenagers and adolescents in North America. Research done has found out that almost one thirds of adolescents are either obese or overweight. Obesity and overweight is caused by both mental and physical health consequences. The increases in weight gains by this group of people are thought to be caused by unplanned eating out. Eating out frequently at cheaper fast food restaurants is one factor that causes weight gain in teenagers and adolescents (Jabs & Devine 2006). Participants o...
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