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Public Health Standards in Nepal Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Visit the website for American Public Health Association (APHA), www(dot)apha(dot)org.
–Read the highlights from the current issue of the American Journal of Public Health.
–Which of the public health sciences does each of these articles belong to?
Visit the website for The Nation’s Health, the official newspaper of APHA,
–Read the headlines of the current issue to get an idea of the range of topics encompassed by the field of public health.
-Select a topic below that pertains to your undeveloped country
In your assignment include the following:
-Why your selection is important to the country you picked in week one?
-What impact does it have on your country?
-What is being done about it?
-What direction do you feel it should go? Who supports this? Who doesn't? Why?
-500 words
-APA formatting
Submit for your assignment here your selected topic.
Chronic Disease
Climate Change
Communicable Disease
Community Water Fluoridation
Environmental Health
Global Health
Gun Violence
Health Equity
Health in All Policies
Health Rankings
Health Reform
Healthy Community Design
Healthy Housing
High School Graduation
Immigrant Health Injury & Violence Prevention Lead Contamination
Maternal and Child Health
Mental Health
Prescription Drug Overdose
Public Health Accreditation
Public Health Standards
Racism and Health
Reproductive & Sexual Health School-Based Health Care Social Determinants of Health
Substance Misuse Suicide Tobacco
Transportation Vaccines Zika


Public Health Standards in Nepal
Your Name
Subject and Section
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Importance of Public Health in Nepal
Around forty-five percent of the population in Nepal belong to the marginalized communities where people live below the poverty line. Approximately fifty percent of their children below three-years-old are prone to stunted growth. Moreover, Nepal has high susceptibility for natural disasters like earthquakes and flash floods CITATION Wornd1 \l 1033 (World Health Organization, n.d.).
These factors are vital in the formulation of health preparedness and extenuation. However, statistics have shown that there is no hospital in their country that is designed to accommodate resistance to the abovementioned calamities CITATION Wornd1 \l 1033 (World Health Organization, n.d.).

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