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Stand Against Guns. Literature and Language Essay. (Essay Sample)


Compose a persuasive essay (400-word minimum, 500-word maximum) that uses an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph that argue for or against the opinion below. 
Opinion: The Second Amendment of the Constitution should be ignored. Even though the President of the United States put his hand on the Bible and swore an oath that he would uphold and protect the Constitution, the president should violate his oath by allowing states to ban sales, distribution, and private ownership of all firearms except for those required by employment in the fifty states and all United States territories.
Agree or disagree   with the above argument, but take a clear, logical stand on the issue. Before forming your own thesis, click here to read “A Word about the Thesis” posted in “Handouts and Course Documents.”
Do not stand on the fence. This instructor remains neutral about your opinions in this course; however, your opinions are evaluated by the logic used to support them. It would be ridiculous to assume that everyone had the same opinion about any one issue.
When forming the thesis (argument, opinion), recall that a good opinion is always supported by facts.
Compose the essay using the third-person point of view of the following:
Choice 3: A concerned Christian mayor of a city where gun violence by criminals is rampant.
Just a reminder for anyone who needs it: When using the third-person point of view write about the person, not as the person. The voice (point of view) must be evident in all paragraphs, especially in the introductory and concluding paragraphs. Write from only one point of view.
Provide a given name for your chosen third person and use that name in every paragraph. Remember, no names are permitted in the thesis. The thesis must be about ideas and opinions, not people.
Underline the thesis in the first paragraph of the essay. In the text of the essay and on a Works Cited page, use and cite the source below and one other online source (MLA format style) that supports your thesis. The textbooks and Blackboard are not outside sources.
The thesis must always be written from an omniscient point of view. Simply put, do not include yourself or anyone else in the thesis. Avoid expressions like “In my opinion. . . .” and “I believe that. . . .” Click here to review the requirements of a thesis in this course.
The language in assignments that require writing from a particular point of view must conform to the “English Composition Checklist.” For example, a dirty rotten scoundrel would probably use some unsavory language filled with inappropriate expletives, but if an English Composition student were writing from the point of view of a dirty rotten scoundrel, the voice must be that of a dirty rotten scoundrel, but the writing (usage, grammar, language mechanics) must be suitable for English Composition 1302 classroom expectations.
Two sources are required, and one must be the Walter Williams source below. Your essay must specifically address the passages highlighted in light green in the Williams source. Any statistics used in your essay must be expressed with numerals.
The other credible online source that you choose must directly relate to your thesis. It also must have an author (first and last name), a full date (dd/mm/yyyy), and must conform to the requirements of the “Instructor Addendum to the Thesis, a weekly review assignment. The Bible or reference sources may be used only as tertiary sources.
The text of your essay must include at least one direct quotation from each source (minimum two lines of text for each quotation). The accumulative quotations may exceed eight lines of text.
Each quotation must be used in a separate paragraph and must pertain to the content of that paragraph.
In-text citations are required for any quotation in the essay, and full citations are required on the Works Cited page for each source.
If the last page of the text of your essay is 2, then the Works Cited page will begin on Page 3, the page following the last paragraph of your essay. The page must be titled Works Cited centered at the top of the page, followed by a list of the citations. The Works Cited page must be numbered consecutively.
As a reminder, quotations are not permitted in the introductory or concluding paragraphs. Those paragraphs should be completely the writer’s (yours).


A Word about the Thesis – EH 1302 
 This document is primary guidance for constructing a thesis for this course. 
An underlined thesis will be required in almost every EH 1302 essay and the research paper. Prior to writing a paper, read the points below about developing a thesis (also called an argument, opinion, or claim). If further help is needed with understanding a thesis, refer to Chapters 1, 4, 17, and pp. 98-102 of Everything’s an Argument. 
The thesis (argument, opinion, or claim) is the main point of the essay or research paper. It is the primary argument upon which the entire essay or research paper will focus. 
• In EH 1302, the thesis must be placed as the last sentence in the introductory paragraph, and it must address the specifics of the assignment. 
• The thesis must be one underlined, complete declarative sentence. Only one sentence. 
• The thesis must be stated as an argument from an omniscient point of view, and the thesis must be a debatable opinion developed after completion of the reading assignment. Leave yourself and anyone else out of the thesis. Address the topic, not a person. In other words, do not use the pronouns I, me, my, myself, mine, us, our, ours, ourselves, or we in the thesis. 
• Avoid the use of quotations and clichés in the thesis, the introductory paragraph, and the concluding paragraph. 
• The thesis must be supported in all paragraphs of the essay or research paper. 
• Do not include forms of the verb “be” in the thesis (be, is, am, was, being, are, been, were). 
• The thesis must be restated (not in the same words) in the concluding paragraph of the essay or research paper. Nothing in the concluding paragraph should be underlined or quoted. 


Institutional Affiliation
Course Code/Title
Stand Against Guns
The Second Amendment as ratified in the year 1791 into the Bill of Rights has always been a controversial subject that has torn the American society on opposing sides of an argument for decades on end. While many do support the right to bear arms privately for safety reasons, there has always been an overwhelming fear among doubters of this idea due to the increased possession of dangerous firearms in densely populated residential areas, and the potential risk they pose in the case of their use in the mentioned areas. This paper seeks to support the notion that the Second Amendment should be ignored, leaving firearms in the safer hands of lawfully mandated service people like guards, policemen, and the military forces.

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