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Strict gun control laws, how they do not stop gun violence in our country. (Research Paper Sample)


Major Report, Due Thursday, April 30, 2020 Prof. Sumption
English 305
General Information: Research Paper, APA Style, 2,000 words (about 6 pages)
This report will require that you research a field of interest in criminal justice, in order to identify a trend, challenge, or emerging technology in the field. Your work in this project will represent your understanding and proposals about what you see as a significant development in criminal justice as a profession.
1. This report will require that you do research about your topic.
*The body of your report (minimum of 2,000 words) will engage (as paraphrases or quotations) at least four sources. Remember to give credit to all sources, by offering: in-text citations (quotations and paraphrases, APA style); and an APA style bibliography page entitled References.
*You will find examples of these APA citations in the Required Texts indicated in your syllabus: The Purdue Online Writing Lab. Use this online source, or an appropriate writing handbook. The ENMU Writing Center has APA booklets available, if you wish to have a copy.
*Choose reputable sources for your work: government, academic, and/or professional. Don’t simply Google search this project. Use the library’s online databases in your field, or other high-quality sources. Check with your Criminal Justice professors regarding the best databases or sources to choose.
*Use only short quotations; this should mostly be your analysis.
2. Format:
a. Title Page (not included in 2,000 word requirement):
[Your Name]
English 305
Professor Linda Sumption
b. Body of Paper (minimum 2,000 words):
Double spaced, one inch margins all around, page numbers.

c. References Page (not included in 2,000 word requirement):
This is your bibliography of sources used, entitled References.
These must be in APA format. See any writing handbook, or Purdue Online Writing Lab for details about formatting.
* * * *
Final Comments about your Major Report:
Choose a topic that interests you and that is current in your field of criminal justice.
My topic: Strict gun control laws, how they do not stop gun violence in our country.


Regulating Firearm Ownership
Institutional Affiliation
The United States has been a hotbed of several debates concerning its society in general, but none has been as hotly debated as that of gun control. Every time the issue gets calmed down, mass shootings suddenly erupt, which in turn result in the issue raring its head once more. It becomes a matter of back and forth as far as gun control regulations go. The regulation of gun ownership has been a controversial topic in the United States for many decades. This essay examines the impact of gun-control on the prevalence of crime. Besides, it assesses whether stern gun control laws reduce or stop gun-related violence in the US.
The Current Conundrum
The whole debate has been a matter of back and forth with seemingly no side willing to throw in the towel. The supporters of gun control argue that increased circulation of guns leads to more gun-related violent crime. They also claim that owning a private firearm increases the chances of an individual getting killed either accidentally or intentionally. Also, advocates of gun control laws suggest that keeping the guns away from the culprits helps in the prevention of violent crimes and taking private firearms that are already in circulation may drastically reduce gun-related violence.

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