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610-Portfolio-a. Professional Portfolio. Personal Philosophy (Essay Sample)


Professional Portfolio
A professional Portfolio is a collection of documents that provides evidence of your education, skill sets, accomplishments, goals, competencies, professional background, your dedication to life-long learning, and anything else that validates your commitment to your profession. A professional Portfolio is a tool to help you prepare and plan your career as well as assist you in role acquisition. 
Below is a list of documents/artifacts that you will need to include in your portfolio. The following format should be used: The paper will need Title Page and Table of Contents. Ensure to use APA 7th Edition format for organization, style, and crediting sources in US only.
1. Title Page (APA format)
2. Table of contents
3. Personal Philosophy: Write 1 brief page on your philosophy of advanced practice nursing in primary care. (no- 1 references. Use most of our own words)
4. NP Role definition: Write 1 brief paper that includes your definition and characterization of the NP role in the current U.S. healthcare environment (2-3 references within 3 years and in US only).
5. NP job description: Write 1 page. Describe your ideal NP position with details of duties and responsibilities (look at NP job descriptions on the Web for structure), work environment, patient population, interdisciplinary team members, salary requirements with expected benefits, scope of practice (i.e. independence vs. collaboration), and hours. (2-3 references within 3 years and in US only).
6. Clinical Judgment: write 1 page. Include an exemplar of a case study that demonstrates your critical thinking skills, diagnostic skills, utilization of evidenced based practice, and clinical judgment, pharmacological management, follow up plan, and how you would promote preventive care for this patient (you may use a previous Assignment). (2-3 references within 3 years and in US only).


Professional Portfolio
Author's Name
Institutional Affiliation
Professional Portfolio
Personal Philosophy
          I select nursing as a profession because I believe in the fact that it is quite a noble profession. Nursing should not be treated to earn money only. I aim to provide care to patients without any judgment. With the increase in the number of chronic diseases, the primary care system is being challenged throughout the world. NP plays a vital role in healthcare. NP diagnose illness and treat the patient according to the symptoms and severity (Mola, 2018). As per my philosophy, NP advises the public on health problems. They also contributed to the management of chronic diseases. Continuous education for NP is critical to remain updated about methodological, technological, or other developments in the field. Nursing is a quite dignified profession, and I opt it to serve humanity. 

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