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Cure for Geriatric Patients of 55 Years and Beyond Admitted With Osteoarthritis (Essay Sample)


Practice Proposal Using the developed PICOT question, each learner may assume that one has the time, personnel and finances to carry out evidence based practice change research. The competed literature review may be incorporated into the proposal; but the number of reviewed articles should be increased to 5 articles. The learner will draw up a formal research plan with a theoretical foundation to change practice (8-10 pages). All items that contribute to rigor of a study are to be included in the proposal. The proposal must follow APA format, including title page, abstract, c PICOT Question:
“For geriatric patients of 55 years and beyond admitted with osteoarthritis [OA], does the use of hip and leg strengthening exercises programs together with pharmacotherapy, compared to the use of pharmacotherapy alone, improve in the management of OA by relieving pain, contraction and stiffness, during three months of rehabilitation?”
See grading rubric.
Practice Proposal Rubric
1. Research question or Clinical Problem: Meets PICOT standard and is well articulated with mutually supported elements connected to literature 5 (pts)
2. Introduction 10 points: Connects problem to the literature. Logically leads to question. Significance and “so what” is clear (10 pts)
3. Significance: Clearly expressed potential for benefit or change in practice (5 pts)
4. Theoretical or conceptual framework 5 points Clearly supports intervention. Selection is logical and supports rigor. (5 pts)
5. Literature Review 10 point: Uses five peer reviewed, primary sources. Integrates critical and logical details. Clearly supports variables. Without bias. (10 pts)
6. Describes design of study 5 points: Design is supportive and coherent. Threats to validity are reduced. (5 pts
7. Describes the sample 10 points: comparison) identified and described. Reasonable and realistic. (10 pts)
8. Describes informed consent/protection of subjects 5 points: Aspects of Protection of human subjects identified. Informed consent appropriately identified. Proposed methods for seeking permissions discussed (5 pts)
9. Describes evidence based intervention plan 15 points: Intervention clearly defined. Supported by literature. Safety factors and integration of participants considered. Practical and based on evidence (15 pts)
10. Describe data collection and analysis methods 5 points: Manageable, coherent, and powerful for generating valid and reliable data. (5 pts)
11. Identify strengths and limitations 10 points: Demonstrates clear understanding of proposed design. Promotes improved replication. Supports rigor. (10 pts)
12. APA format 5 points: Follows APA guidelines consistently (5 pts)
13. Grammar, syntax, organization 10 points: Organized. Reader is clear about proposal. Flows from step to step in coherent, logical fashion. (10 pts)
Please this are the articles already being used on the PICOT question and the literature review, please add three additional primary sources articles to develop the proposal. see rubric.
Literature review articles:
A. Bhatia, D., Bejarano,T., & Novo, M. (2013). Current interventions in the management of knee osteoarthritis. J Pharm Bioallied Sci., 5(1), 30–38. Doi: 10.4103/0975-7406.106561
b. Palo, N., Chandel,S.S., Dash, S., Arora,G., Kumar,M.,& Biswal,M.R. (2015). Effects of Osteoarthritis on Quality of life in Elderly Population of Bhubaneswar, India. Geriatr Orthop Surg Rehabil, 6(4), 269–275. Doi: 10.1177/2151458515604357
FYI: Please follow the examples downloaded please. My regards.
Please notified my writer to incorporate the literature review on the proposal, but develop
it further with the three additional articles base on the research question area.
Articles should be 5 years older and above


Cure for Geriatric Patients of 55 Years and Beyond Admitted With Osteoarthritis [OA]
Osteoarthritis is characterized with continuous joint disease that has got no proper or designated treatment but it can be managed. Osteoarthritis condition is one of the top five disabling conditions that mostly affect individuals who are 55 years of age. Different studies have shown that an average of 30 million Americans is now being affected with this chronic condition. There is another research that has shown that almost 100 million people are suffering from osteoarthritis in the whole world. The disease can be managed through processes that are geared towards the management of the pains, contraction and stiffness. This paper will be focusing on different exercises and treatment procedure. To be specific, this paper will be concentrating on both pharmacological and non-pharmacological procedures. This paper will also be comparing the effectiveness of combining both pharmacological and non-pharmacological procedures, as well as using only pharmacological alone.
Introduction (Background)
According to Bhatia, Bejarano & Novo (2013), Osteoarthritis is described as a degenerative condition of the joint that normally result in the continuous reduction of particular cartilage, synovial inflammation, osteophyte formation, and a subchondral bone sclerosis. Osteoarthritis is among the most common chronic diseases that do affect elderly persons who are 55 years and above. According the previous researches, it is estimated that 6% of adults who are 55 years have experienced symptomatic of knee arthritis and approximately 3% have experienced symptoms of arthritis of hip. According to experts, prevalence of osteoarthritis is normally expected to increase as one is aging. Elderly persons are experiencing difficulties in walking mostly because of hip and knee osteoarthritis. The prevalence of osteoarthritis has led to the huge negative impact in the growth of economy. This is because those who are suffering from this condition will more often than not are not able to perform their duties as expected and as a matter of fact they will spend most of their income in the treatment of osteoarthritis. In severe conditions, individuals who are having osteoarthritis will opt for early retirement from work. In addition to that it is also projected by the experts by that one million of hip replacements are performed in different hospital across the world. In the United States alone, it was also estimated that between the year 1995 and 2020, another 19 million Americans will be affected by arthritis. This paper will provide an insightful review of osteoarthritis in the hips and knees joints. It is important to note that Osteoarthritis is a disorder that is related to the aged persons and its possible cure.
Objectives and Purpose of the Study
The study was carried out with a view of finding out if the use leg strengthening exercises programs used together with the Pharmacotherapy in comparison with the use of only Pharmacotherapy will improve the management of Osteoarthritis by relieving pain, contraction and stiffness, during the three months of rehabilitation. This study will also be significant for the elderly person who are normally being admitted to different hospitals across the world especially in the United States with osteoarthritis of knees and hips, to know which type of cure would quite effective in correcting the condition of arthritis.
The following are some of the objectives of the study that was conducted:
1.Which physical changes are associated with the person suffering from the osteoarthritis?
2.How long does it take to cure geriatric patients who are 55 years and above using hip and leg lengthening together with pharmacotherapy?
3.How long would it take for the geriat...
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