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Ethical Issue: new technologies and the modern findings in the medical field (Essay Sample)

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It is very evident and clear that the new technologies and the modern findings in the medical field need people to reflect on some ethical queries. The reason is that these fresh discoveries can be a barrier to the form bioethical choices were actually made. The article concentrates on the findings that are made by Dr. Adrian Owen. Owen has actually found that most patients in the vegetative states which is the brain damage disorder shows signs of consciousness when they are skimmed using useful magnetic reverberation imaging.
Whereas these affected people do not reveal any external or interactive signs of awareness, they show brain activity similar to healthy volunteers when they are asked to imagine certain tasks for instance playing lawn tennis.
Additionally, Dr. Owen has found that these individuals can respond to yes/no questions by prompting them to imagine one task for "yes" and another task for "no." These findings radically question the way we think about consciousness and patients in vegetative states. Occasionally, families choose to withdraw life-sustaining interventions for patients who are permanently in vegetative states. Recently, some people have argued that such decisions should not be made before these patients undergo Owen`s fMRI technique. Others have argued that, for a number of reasons, these findings should not inform end-of-life decisions.
The following essay explains the vegetative state which is a brain disorder due to its injury. It covers all the areas concerning the condition and the patients with the condition. It discusses about the extent to which the patient`s decision making is allowed. Some of the studies covering the condition have also been discussed in the essay.
The condition described as the vegetative manifests lack of receptiveness and consciousness caused by the malfunctioning of the cerebral hemispheres, with enough parsimonious of the diencephalon and brain stem to maintain autonomic and motor reflexes and sleep-wake cycles. Problematical reflexes may affect patients such as moving of eyes,yawning and unconditional movements to harmful stimuli but no consciousness to self or environment. The condition may also mean that situation is unconscious and wakeful for a few weeks. The prognosis of the state is done by analyzing the level of awareness in patients using imaging or scanning techniques.
The condition was first defined in 1940s by Kretschmer (Lewis, 2007). The condition occurs in different descriptions due to different implications. These include vegetative state, persistent vegetative state and continuous or permanent vegetative state. These arise due different extends of the severity and exposure time the condition. The condition may be triggered by several causes such as serious disturbing brain injury, non-traumatic and severe genetic anomaly of the central nerv...
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