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Trance Dance and Yoga (Essay Sample)

need to write an essay about trance dance and how is it related to yoga, how does it work, and what are its benefits.. source..

Trance Dance and Yoga
Trance dance refers to a unique combination of body movement, dynamic percussive rhythms, healing sounds and transformational breathing techniques. There is a current innovative use of a blindfold, but the dancers can just use the traditional method of closing their eyes tightly (Rouget & Biebuyck 1985). It is this combination that brings about the “trance” state, which indicates an involuntarily process of ecstasy, awareness and consciousness to the dancer. In cases of rituals, the term trance is associated with mediation, prayer or magic. Different civilizations in the world have employed the trance dance like a form of prayer, as an effective way of communicating with deities, spirits as well as nature (Rouget & Biebuyck 1985).
It was regarded as a participatory method of healing, and it is viewed in the same way by many communities to date. The dance has survived throughout the different time phases due to its power, since it is claimed to offer the participants the same power as it used to in the ancient times. Trance dances are done while the dancers are blindfolded and they do so for a long period of time. It seems to be social in nature when one observes the body movements with the accompaniment of drums and percussions, but the main objective is the individual’s journey into deeper self (Rouget & Biebuyck 1985). The dancers are thereby lost in a different word in unison with the nature, and the spirit world as they sway to the rhythm. Yoga is a spiritual practice which was developed in India and has been evolving for over 5,000 years. Yoga is a te...
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