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Leadership Self-Assessment (Essay Sample)

First you have to have the book Leadership Theory and Practice - Seventh Edition by Peter G Northouse. This will also be one of your sources. Please keep wording simple. No plagerism. I am attaching the assignment along with the rubric. Please only work the highlighted assignment which shows instructions for the Leadership Self-Assessment Paper. You are picking two chapters from the book between 2 and 16. Make sure the paper is written according to the instructions and please make sure the rubric is followed precisely. This is 40% of my grade so it is important. AGAIN please read the rubric and assignment carefully. Also you can use Yoder-Wise book for reference as well. Thanks in advance for doing a good job. I know you will you always do. source..
LEADERSHIP THEORY Student Name University NURS XXXX Date Leadership Theory Introduction The transformational and transactional theory are some of the main theories that are used in most of the originations. They tend to be quite influential, despite the fact that they are not used in the same set of operations. Depending on the approach that a leader has chosen and the organizational culture in question, the leaders are at will to choose their approach. The reason for choosing these two theories is relative to the fact that they tend to be opposed to each other (Northouse, 2015). They are thus used in very different set of circumstances and they are also diametrically opposed in light of their approach to operations (Northouse, 2015). While they may be used within the same organization by the same leader, it is crucial for the leader in question to establish what it is that they want to accomplish and thus apply one or the other. It is never the two at the same time. Primary Concept The primary concept of the transformational leadership theory as the name suggests, is to bring about change. As such the leader in question is poised to help the team to make changes to the operations relative to the internal or external factors (Northouse, 2015). At the same time the leader offers motivation and morale boost to the staff under them to help them achieve their goals individually and as part of a group. The leader also lets the staff to own the operations, where they can make their own decisions. The transactional leadership on the other hand is the opposite of the transformational style, as in this case the leader instructs and the staff have to follow strictly (Odumeru & Ogbonna, 2013). The leader in this case also makes all the decisions. Results Discussion From the tests, the most dominant leadership style used is transformational. This is relative to the element of letting the rest of the team develop...
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