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HPA Discussion Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The student is to search a state regulation regarding hospitals; choose a section/subject area and complete an HPA.
Give the location using correct nomenclature.
Summarize the hospital regulation. Use your own words to describe the intent of the regulation.
Describe the problem/public issue the regulation is intended to address. Use secondary data to further describe the problem/issue as is known from the literature.
Identify the stakeholders and project the expected opinion. Indicate who was probably in support of the regulation and why. Indicate who probably opposed this regulation and why?
Examine the risks and benefits of this regulation. If this regulation could be changed, what would be the expected outcomes and would that have a positive or negative impact on the public health. If this regulation remains, what would be the positive or negative outcomes?
Is this regulation a financial burden for hospitals? If so, provide discussion as to what those costs are associated with this regulation.
Should there be some changes in this regulation? If so, why? What would be that process?
The assignment should be presented in APA format


HPA Discussion
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HPA Discussion
Hospital policy and procedures play a significant role in healthcare organizations. Health policies determine the outcome of healthcare and help the staff understand their duties in the organization. These regulations look at safe delivery methods and the effective cost of care. The growing numbers of hospital regulations and requirements, such as the Affordable Care Act and HIPAA, make the process of conveying these regulations to health workers quite challenging. Hospital regulations unite caregivers in hospitals through enhanced communication. The policies also reduce the chances of discrepancies. Healthcare policies present a more standard method of operating, especially when handling critical health issues. This paper discusses one hospital regulation and evaluates the value it adds to public health.
The United States Congress foresaw the establishment of laws that would protect every individual's well-being. Edemekong et al., (2020) posit that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Texas Medical Records Privacy Act, in Texas, are laws that ensure that hospitals in Texas protect the patient's information. HIPAA privacy rule comprises of national standards that intend to protect medical records and personal health information (Edemekong et al., 2020). HIPAA privacy rule is relevant to healthcare providers handling electronic medical records and health plans.

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