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Fully Describe Your Nutrition And Coaching Plan For The Client plan (Essay Sample)


Find a potential client (friend, family member, current training client, yourself) and initiate an initial assessment.
Have the client complete the appropriate questionnaires. Forms can be found in the “Initial Assessment and Triage Questionnaire” packet included with your course materials.
Design and fully describe your nutrition and coaching plan for the client including:
1. Your findings from collecting preliminary client information
2. Client level and the reason for choosing this level
3. Limiting factors
4. Outcome goals
5. Behavior goals
6. Which assessments you will record and why/how you will incorporate the results
7. Your recommended nutrition and supplement plan
8. What (if anything) your client will need to discuss with his or her physician
9. Referrals to your professional network (if needed)
10. Proposed appointment scheduling including:
a. Frequency
b. What you will discuss at each appointment
11. A plan of action if you observe a plateau
12. A plan of action if your client changes his or her goals
Be as detailed as possible in your plan.


Nutrition and Coaching Plan
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Nutrition and Coaching Plan
I conducted the assessment on a friend of mine and the client completed the questionnaires provided. From the client’s information, I noticed several health conditions and noted several changes that she wanted to make to her health status. In the goals section, the client wanted to lose excess weight, improve physical fitness, look better, and get control of eating habits. In improving the eating habits, the client wanted to reduce the intake of unhealthy calories and adopt a healthy living. In the questionnaire, the client stated that she has never involved herself in any physical exercises and she had one child. The client was once diagnosed with high blood pressure, asthma diabetes and some of her family members are obese. From the eating habits of the interviewee, she liked eating junk foods, oily foods, and eats very few fruits and drinks less water.
According to the analysis that I did on the level of health of the client, the client level was at the tertiary prevention level. In planning a nutritional and coaching plan for my client, I would take this inconsideration. At this level, the measures of prevention that can be given to the client are those preventive actions that are aimed at rehabilitating the client due to significant illness. At this level, the only things that I can do are to educate, retrain, and advise the client on the existing health condition.
In my nutrition plan, I would advise the client to do aerobic exercises, which can help her loss weight. The exercises will help the client burn the excess calories that are more than what the body needs. The example of exercises that can be done include squats, lunges, burpees, explosive lunges and double jumps. In my exercise plan that I designed for my client, I put several considerations such as time, and the health conditions of the client. In the time limiting factor, the client was an employee who

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